Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Don't give my credit to your god!

I'm currently visiting my family in my home country, staying at my mother's house.  My brother, who lives with her, told me a few months ago that he was having a problem with one of his teeth.  He has a general neglect for his body (see previous posts in this category), and told me he has not been to the dentist for about 6 years.  So when I got here, I told my mother about it and we pushed him to go.  The dentist worked on him yesterday, and said that he was only a few weeks away from having a much more serious problem, which would have required much more serious care and expense.  So he said my brother was very lucky that he came in when he did.  My mother, a Christian, told my brother that "somebody was watching over you".

Now what should I think about that?  I did something that she had failed to do, yet again.  Last time I was home, I forced my brother to confront his cocaine addiction, something which my mother hadn't done in all the years she had known about it.  She hadn't even told me about it.  And now I return 2 years later and force him to take another step to take care of himself, something which once again she had not done in all of the years she had known about it.  But just who is that "somebody" that she was referring to?  Knowing Christians, it was her god.  Yet shouldn't I get some of the credit for constantly bringing up these issues and forcing action?  I'm mildly pissed off that she'd try to give my credit to her imaginary friend.

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Jim said...

If gods were watching over him, why did it/they do nothing to prevent the problem in the first place?

I know people like to use the "God is testing your faith" excuse. But I think more people would believe in these gods if everyone were perfectly happy and free from all disease, pain or injury.