Friday, July 9, 2010

Italy and crucifixes in schools

This news story is 10 days old now, as I've been lazy about putting it on the site.  It's about Italy challenging a court ruling that decided they can't display crucifixes in the nation's classrooms.  You can read the full article here, but I want to focus on one part in particular:

Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re told the leading Italian daily La Repubblica he could not understand it, and that no one with common sense could have expected it.  "When I think that we are talking about a symbol, the crucifix, an image that cannot but be the emblem of a universally shared humanity, I not only feel disappointed but also sadness and grief," he said.  "The crucifix is the sign of a God that loves man to the point of giving up his life for him. It is a God that teaches us to learn to love, to pay attention to each man ... and to respect the others, even those who belong to a different culture or religion.  "How could someone not share such a symbol?"

I think the cardinal is just showing off how naive he is.  Well 'Cardinal', here are some answers.  No, the crucifix is not an emblem of shared humanity.  It has been the emblem of hatred and murder, of ignorance and organised efforts to keep populations ignorant, of genocide, etc.  I reject it.  Also, if there are 2 billion Christians in the world, that means there are roughly 4.5 billion people who do not believe that the crucifix is a symbol of anything useful.  Even among Christians, many believe that it is a false idol, and that putting Jesus on the crucifix in a classroom is against the 2nd commandment of the book you profess to believe.

Next, we have the argument that it is a symbol of a god's love for us.  Well, the god in question has not been proven to exist, so there's problem #1.  Problem #2 is that you claim this god loves us so much, yet hides from us and doesn't provide evidence for its existence, when the consequence of not believing is to go to the hell that it allowed to be created, forever to be tortured, when it could have prevented the whole thing with minimal effort.  There is nothing just or loving about that.  And it did not give up its life for us.  Is your claim that an immortal god gave up a life, which is meaningless for something immortal, for us?  What the fuck does that even mean?

As for the love and respect for other people, yes, see above about the genocide, murder, hatred, forced enslavement, ignorance, etc, that the cross has been, and is currently, being used as a symbol of.  How could somebody not share such a symbol?


Jim said...

I was always confused why they used the crucifix in the first place. The Romans used it to torture and murder thousands of enemies and slaves. It would be like starting a religion today with your 'holy' symbol being a gas chamber, oven, machine gun, electric chair, guillotine, etc.

Also, as the Admin pointed out, most of the world doesn't accept the crucifix as anything but a false idol in a false religion.

Feki said...

Meanwhile, El Salvador approved a law that makes it mandatory to read the bible in schools.

This because local congressmen think that the bible provides the "right moral values" that are needed to steer Salvadorian children away from gang crime and violence.

So, the cardinal should be happy afterall there are still plenty of politicians out there who still buy into catholic crap.

(Actually, for Italian schools a pic of the Flying Spaguetti Monster would be more appropiate and fun)

Anonymous said...

Feki went there first>:D
And I never really saw biblical morals as a good thing: democracy stops working when people don't question, think or care: how do you think the damned Conservatives got back into power over here in GB?

Admin said...

Fundy alert!