Monday, July 26, 2010

Won't somebody please think of the children?!

My girlfriend told me a funny story.  Her parents are not religious, and her grandmother is a Christian.  When she and her sister were very young, the parents left the girls with their grandmother while they went and did whatever they needed to do.  The grandmother used the chance to rush the girls over to the church to get them baptised, without the parents' knowledge.

There are 2 points I want to make here:

1.  I'd be pretty pissed off if my parents ignored my wishes and took my children off to some religious ceremony to go through a ritual with men in silly robes.

2.  What kind of fucked-up thinking is this?  You know she went to get them baptised because she thought they couldn't go to heaven if they weren't.  Is that really how just and good her god is?  The bastard would actually disallow two young girls from entering heaven because their parents were atheists and never got them baptised?  And she worships this fucking thug?  While claiming it's completely good and loving?  Anybody who believes anything like that is pretty screwed in the head.


Anonymous said...

I find it insulting that I was baptised, and had to go through three more 'sacraments' as part of my primary education.
I had no proper say in any of this.
And of course, as a child I didn't question anyway, only when I was 8 did I become atheist but was (still am) afraid to tell my parents.

Feki said...

This reminds of an old episode from The Simpsons, when Ned Flanders tries to baptize Maggie.

I would've gone unbaptized (my parents forgot all about it) but it was a requirement to enter catholic high school so I got sprayed with magical tap water around the age of 12.

Baptism can be dangerous too: