Monday, July 19, 2010

Where is the on-ramp for the Highway to Hell?

So I've been threatened with hell by yet another reader of the site.  He/She used Pascal's Wager as a reason to compel me to believe, which I've already addressed here.

Let's just grant for the purposes of this post that Hell is a real place.  I won't even make anybody prove that it exists.  I'll also grant that it is possible for people to go to Hell for any length of time.  And let's also grant that terrible things happen in Hell, and that it's a place I don't want to go.  Even under these circumstances, should I be repenting to the Christian god to save myself from Hell?  I don't think so.  Why?  Because they still haven't demonstrated HOW a person gets to Hell.  Even Christians can't agree amongst themselves on how one gets to Hell.  Some say it's for not accepting Jesus.  Others say that it's based on the sins a person commits in their lifetime.  I'm sure there are other beliefs as well, but it's not important.

The point is that unless they can provide some evidence that their claim about how to get to Hell is correct, I have no reason to believe it.  There is exactly the same evidence that I get to Hell by not accepting Jesus as there is evidence that I get to Hell by not eating my vegetables.  Or by eating them.  Or by believing in gods.  Or by not believing in gods.  Or by not blowing myself up for Allah.  Or by turning the lights off when I go to sleep.  Or by wearing red shoes.  Every option you can possibly think of for how to get to Hell has exactly the same objective evidence to back it up.  Zero.

So how should one handle this?  How do I know that by accepting Pascal's Wager, that I'm not actually sentencing myself to go to Hell?


Magnamune said...

Obviously you know how to handle this. You must pray to God, until you have a seizure and speak in "tounges", and awaken with enlightenment as to the correct way to avoid Hell.

If that doesn't work, you could try meditation, various narcotics, or any number of other ways to learn of things beyond this life.

Then of course there's the way of Logic. With no evidence for or against any ticket to Hell, there's little point in dwelling on it. Live how you will, if you go to hell, you messed up, but there was no way to know.

Unless you go all scientific and try to find out the correct way to avoid Hell...

Jim said...

What if Christianity is wrong? Then you've lost Pascal's Wager, and you're going to Hell for it.

Anonymous said...

How to get to hell:
Take a long walk off a short pier.
Suicide is a crime by Church law as you can't be forgiven as your, well, dead.
Murder is ok if you feel bad about it.
And I don't care what the Vatican has said about how depressed people will be forgiven, I know that all those fuckwitted fundies all judge them as weak and evil.

Magnamune said...

But daniel, what if God actually likes suicide? That means one way to avoid Hell is to kill yourself. If you think Hell exists, and realise there's no way to know how to avoid it, either go insane, or forget about it.

Feki said...

So in the fairy tale book known as the bible, god tells Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac to him.

From a fundie perspective, it can be safely inferred that sacrificing other human beings is one of the eligibility requirements to get into heaven. It is implied that the sacrificed one is also granted access to heaven.

That being said a sure way to get into Satan's Hideout is to not offer any human sacrifices.

Of course that applies if and only if christianity is right.

Otherwise human sacrifices may have unfathomable consequences from other potentially existing gods.

Admin, you might want to insert your this-site-does-not-encourage-human-sacrifices disclaimer here.


Admin said...

The Admin of would like to make it clear that he does not encourage or endorse anything that Feki writes. Ever.

Magnamune said...

Considering the infinite number of possible Gods, anything you do could be considered both the holyest of the Holy, and the most evil of sins.

Even without God, the possible requirements of Hell are infinite, so the same logic can be applied.

So, assuming hell exists, one might as well get bang for their buck. Do all the fun things in life, all the most horrible, all the most wonderful and everything in between.

Wow... I sound like a commercial for anti-depressents or something...

Anonymous said...

There isn't a hell anyway, so what are you waiting for?
Start your killing spree TODAY!
And in the off chance we're wrong, make sure to get a confession on your deathbed, and it's shooty in for you.