Sunday, August 8, 2010

(My) god said it, I believe it, that settles it!

I really like Pat Condell's newest tirade about the stupidity of 'faith'.


Anonymous said...

I love it, except that he says, "No offense..." while doing his utmost to offend. Also, at the end he says, "Peace". He doesn't want peace. He wants victory.

I think he's trying to imply that he loves all of the fools and wishes them the best. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get that message across while also slapping the fools across their faces.

I am with him 100%. The fools need to be slapped in the face repeatedly until they snap out of their fantasies and see the world around them.
I only object to his, "Sorry, I didn't mean it" disclaimers. Of course he meant it, as he should.

Admin said...

If you watch more of this man's videos, you'll see that he definitely meant it. The "no offence" was not sincere at all. In fact, he's so offensive that even I think he crosses the line quite often.

Check this one, which is another of his videos that I really like: