Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your god is a master abortionist

I have found out over the last year or so that at least 3 of my friends have had miscarriages.  Why did your god give my friends abortions against their will?  Why is your god the world's busiest abortion doctor?  Is that morally correct?  Should you blow up his clinic?

An answer containing the phrase, "mysterious ways", will not be acceptable.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

More American ignorance, score another point for atheists

Fresh on the heels of being chewed out by an ignorant American for not knowing how to spell (I often use proper English spelling, ie. the British spelling, in my posts), I have more to post about American ignorance.

I've been sitting on this post for nearly a month.  Two readers each sent it in to me, which was actually the first time I had seen it.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

In a nutshell, the topic is a survey done of Americans containing basic questions about the Christian religion, and some VERY basic questions about other major world religions.  They did pretty poorly in general.  I want to tackle this topic from a few different angles:

1.  The highest average score in the survey was from atheists and 'agnostics' (whatever that means)!  Burn!  Another thing many Americans are also ignorant about is atheists and how we become atheists.  As demonstrated by the survey on religion, we are not unaware of religion and its beliefs.  On the contrary, we are the MOST well-educated about religion in general.  This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, as other surveys have shown that atheism increases with the highest level of education received, and people who are highly-educated in one area are often pretty smart and educated in other areas, too.  In fact, it was exactly BECAUSE I became educated about other religions that I had to drop my own when I realised it was no different from the others.  See my de-conversion story. So you religious fucktards, again I'll explain that many of us are atheists precisely because we have examined the faiths, we have examined the evidence, found none, and rejected them all.

2.  The questions that these Yanks failed to answer correctly about other world religions were EXTREMELY basic.  What religion is the Dalai Lama?  Which religion celebrates Ramadan?  Which religion do Vishnu and Shiva belong to?  Come on!  How fucking ignorant about the world do you have to be to not know the answers to these?  Even if you've never studied world religions, you should know these answers just by reading news and following world events!  Oh right, the Americans don't do much of that, either.  They can't even find the countries they invade on a map.

3.  The questions were all multiple choice, so the percentages who answered correctly need to be more closely examined.  For example, the survey found that 45% of Roman Catholics did not know that the communion and wine are believed to actually become the body and blood of Jesus after being blessed by the priest.  In other words, they don't know that they are participating in (what is believed to be) a cannibalistic ritual.  But take a closer look at that number of 45%.  The question only had 2 choices!  So if people were just flat-out guessing, you'd expect a 50-50 distribution.  Very few of those people 'switched' from the wrong answer to the right answer, making a 55-45 distribution.  After you do the math, it could really be argued that only 10% of Roman Catholics truly KNEW the answer, and the others were guessing.  If it was true that 50% of Catholics KNEW the answer, with the other 50% guessing, you'd expect a distribution of 75-25 in favour of the correct answer.  Note that there was an option for "I don't know", but few people chose it.  It therefore doesn't affect my point much, even though it would have a small effect on the actual numbers.

4.  Mormons scored highest on questions about Christianity.  That should piss off all of those mainstream Christians who bad-mouth Mormonism.

5.  Most people do not know about these other religions because they have never explored them.  They just blindly follow whatever religion they were born into.  There are very large percentages of Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims in the world, but very little movement between them.  It shows a lack of critical thinking ability if people don't even question their own religion enough to explore it and to explore the alternatives.  People are sheep, who need to be lead.  Only a small percentage are leaders.  Check out this guy.  When he thought he was 'regular' Polish, he was a neo-Nazi, running around literally beating up Jews.  Then he finds out he IS a Jew, and converts to Orthodox Judaism.  This is a guy who is clearly just looking for other people to lead him.  I doubt he's given any critical thought at all to his belief.

There are 2 news articles about the survey here and here (thanks to my readers).  You can sample some of the survey questions for yourself here (I scored 14 out of 15).  A total summary including exact wording and results can be found here.

Monday, October 11, 2010

She had it coming, as much as I love her

So I beat the shit of my girlfriend last night.  And it was a pretty good beating, too.  It lasted for a long time.  Don't get me wrong, I love her and have nothing but love for her, but she deserved it.  She simply failed to live up to the standard that I set for my own behaviour, so I was forced to do it.  And now that she has been deemed beneath me and my standards, I think I'll continue to beat her regularly, and I don't think there's anything she could ever do to make me stop or to get a second chance.  She had her one chance.  As for all of you, you should agree with my actions, congratulate me and tell me what a good job I did.