Monday, November 29, 2010

YouTube videos - A world with no gods and breastfeeding adult men

I'd like to use a post to spotlight 2 recent videos by YouTube users.  The first is by Pat Condell.  I'm going to link to the video itself, rather than embed the video here, because you really need to check out some of the links that he uses to support the video, which are below it on the page.  There's some pretty crazy stuff in there, including Islamic women breastfeeding other adults to make them part of their family, and Google searches for animal sex in Pakistan.  What makes Catholicism look like San Francisco in the 1960's?  Watch the video here.

The second video is by GrapplingIgnorance.  Note that he had a different channel before, but he now hides his face because he was persecuted (including vandalism) at work for his lack of Christian belief, and was forced to take the channel down.  His video is about what the world would be like if there were no gods.  I'll embed it below, but if you can't view it or would prefer to see it at the YouTube site, click here.

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