Saturday, April 23, 2011

We're not trying to push our religion on you (we swear)!

A couple of months ago, a reader sent me a link to the Jack Chick tracts.  I had heard of them before, but had never actually visited the website.  Jack Chick is a Christian cartoonist, and young-Earth creationist dimwit, who publishes these small booklets containing Christian cartoons.  They're meant to be given to people that haven't "been saved", or to be left in public places to be found by random people.  They're extremely popular with Christians who want to spread their insanity, and his site claims to ship millions of them every year.

The site gives some suggestions on how to use these things in their "witnessing booklet", which you can find here. The booklet recommends that people order these and leave at least 3 a day in places such as:

- park benches
- bus stops
- public restrooms
- on gas pumps
- on ATMs
- on video arcade machines
- on mail boxes
- on public phones
- attached to doorknobs
- on newspaper dispensers
- at garage sales
- on school campuses
- at laundromats
- in taxi cabs
- in library books
- at swap meets
- in rented cars
- in bill payment envelopes
- in clothing store dressing rooms
- under windshield wipers of vehicles

I also remember that when I was a teenager, a guy used to shove leaflets similar to these into the pockets of our clothes left in the dressing room while we worked.

So what problems do we have here?  The first is that intentionally leaving paper trash in public locations, in private businesses or on an individual's private property is littering.  Leaving stuff outdoors of course means it gets blown around by the wind, which contributes to the street trash problem.

The second problem I have is that this represents quite clearly that religious people, specifically Christians in this case, ARE INDEED shoving their religion down our throats!  They not only want us to hear about it from our governments, but from our teachers and schools, while we're at the bus stop, using an ATM, walking in the park, eating out in a restaurant, or even to find them as litter on our fucking cars!  They insist that we involuntarily hear about their religion at all places and at all times!

So once again, if you're going to come here and claim that people of the Christian faith are not trying to shove their religion down our throats, and that us mean atheists should shut up and leave them alone, you're 100% wrong! So quit your bitching!


Magnamune said...

From my experience, in a general sense religion tacts many routes to convert the unbelievers. But in an individual sense, religious people don't try to convert you... well, some don't. With these I manage to stop most of my science talk. I just think it's courtious.

Anonymous said...

have you read some of these "tracts"?
This one is awesome, it's called "big daddy" and it's about the religion of "evolution" lol, it's sooo damn funny.

how can anyone beleive these tracts at all?

Magnamune said...

Looks like preaching to the converted to me. Anyone who has even the faintest knowledge of evolution can see through this crap, so it must be designed to reenforce the beliefs of theists.

Uyi Iredia said...

Posting Christians tracts should be left at that. What's your problem with it ? Or would you prefer that there were missionaries for reason.

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