Saturday, May 21, 2011

My thoughts on the rapture that wasn't to be

Most of you have probably heard about the Christian group claiming that the rapture will be this Saturday, May 21st, 2011.  Although the 'appointed hour' for the alleged rapture has not passed yet, I'm going to be cocky and assume that it's not happening.  I have some thoughts on the whole issue:

1.  A lot of you Christians are going on internet forums arguing that the people making this claim are not true Christians, and that all true Christians know that people will not know the date of the rapture.  You say that it could happen tomorrow, it could happen thousands of years from now, etc.  In other words, no real Christian would betray the religion by making a claim that is even possible to be proven false, regardless of whether or not it actually is false.  Your mainstream Christian claims are unfalsifiable, untestable.  Nothing happened today?  Well, that's exactly what our book says.  Our god isn't around making its presence known?  That's exactly what our book says.  I think that's a pretty accurate description of religion in general.  The ones that are still around have survived this long, ironically, through a Darwinian process in which religions that made specific falsifiable claims had to die out because they were shown to be false.  I'm not aware of any major modern religion which makes any specific, testable claim on any aspect of its belief system.

2.  For anybody who quit their job and/or gave away all of their money because of this particular belief, you are incredibly stupid and you deserve what you get.  For those who have dependent children, your children deserve better than you as parents.

3.  You deserve what you get because you have failed to recognise your particular religion as exactly the same as all of the others that exist in the world, just a story with no evidence made up by primitive men to explain the Universe around them.  You failed to ask for any real evidence.  You may have been provided Bible verses as proof, but you failed to ask for evidence that what is in the Bible should be taken seriously.