Saturday, May 21, 2011

My thoughts on the rapture that wasn't to be

Most of you have probably heard about the Christian group claiming that the rapture will be this Saturday, May 21st, 2011.  Although the 'appointed hour' for the alleged rapture has not passed yet, I'm going to be cocky and assume that it's not happening.  I have some thoughts on the whole issue:

1.  A lot of you Christians are going on internet forums arguing that the people making this claim are not true Christians, and that all true Christians know that people will not know the date of the rapture.  You say that it could happen tomorrow, it could happen thousands of years from now, etc.  In other words, no real Christian would betray the religion by making a claim that is even possible to be proven false, regardless of whether or not it actually is false.  Your mainstream Christian claims are unfalsifiable, untestable.  Nothing happened today?  Well, that's exactly what our book says.  Our god isn't around making its presence known?  That's exactly what our book says.  I think that's a pretty accurate description of religion in general.  The ones that are still around have survived this long, ironically, through a Darwinian process in which religions that made specific falsifiable claims had to die out because they were shown to be false.  I'm not aware of any major modern religion which makes any specific, testable claim on any aspect of its belief system.

2.  For anybody who quit their job and/or gave away all of their money because of this particular belief, you are incredibly stupid and you deserve what you get.  For those who have dependent children, your children deserve better than you as parents.

3.  You deserve what you get because you have failed to recognise your particular religion as exactly the same as all of the others that exist in the world, just a story with no evidence made up by primitive men to explain the Universe around them.  You failed to ask for any real evidence.  You may have been provided Bible verses as proof, but you failed to ask for evidence that what is in the Bible should be taken seriously.


Jim said...

Blind faith equals ignorance.

Anonymous said...

The dudes behind this particular prophecy are already claiming that the Rapture was only supposed to *begin* today, and that the really-real thing won't come around until October because the Apocalypse apparently happens very slowly.

It never ends.

Jim said...

As we here expected, 6 pm EST came and went, and nothing happened.

As I expected, I already read an article with a guy who believed in the Doomsday Prophecies declare that god did not end the world because he wanted to "test their faith".

Even when they are blatantly wrong, they do not admit it.

ANTZILLA said...

I wonder if somebody assasinated 'that guy' could get away with it if they claim "god made then do it" as predicted?

Magnamune said...

Any reason you guys aren't saying the dudes name?

Well, I for one can't wait until October. Then we'll be able to have apocolypse parties. The rapture party I attended ended rather abruptly when a girl ran home screaming... My friends are idiots.

After this year, I wonder when the next revelations doomsday will be revealed. Shouldn't be too long, I don't think.

Jim said...

Good news and bad news.

Good News: There will be no Rapture.

Bad News: God is just going to judge us all and end the world anyway on October 21, 2011.

In this article, Harold Camping states that because his god is "loving and merciful", that we will be spared the Rapture and the following months of destruction.

Which is pretty awesome. His god loves us all so much that before he sends 97-98% of us to eternal damnation in the fiery pits of Hell, he's going to let us just hang out while he judges us all for shit we had no control over.

What a "loving and merciful" god he is.

Magnamune said...

It makes you wonder whether he's senile. I mean he's ninety years old and talking about the end of the world. Perhaps he should have been pit in a home after his last failed prediction.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it did happen, but nobody noticed. The sudden loss of 144,000 people from a population of over 6 billion might pass undetected unless some of the rapturees were on live TV. I wonder how many people go missing on a normal day. BTW, that was supposed to be 1000 from each of the Twelve Tribes, so the Christian fundiewhackazoids were all disqualified from the start.

Magnamune said...

It wouldn't take long for those who remain to notice the sudden disappearance of friends and/or loved ones.

Hey, do you think god would get pissed off at camping for advertising the rapture, if it were real and about to occur? They go to great lengths in the bible to point out we aren't supposed to know, then camping comes on the scene and blows that out of the water. I'd be pretty pissed, and I'm not as petty as god.