Friday, July 1, 2011

Ways that I am morally superior to Yahweh

The following is a partial list of ways that I, as a mere human with no special powers whatsoever, am morally superior to the character of Yahweh in the Bible.

1.  I would not rely on murderers, tyrants, liars and child-rapists to spread my message to others.  I would do it myself, to each individual.

2.  I would not punish future generations for the wrong-doings of their ancestors.

3.  I would not punish animals for the wrong-doings of humans.

4.  I would not require you to worship me to receive my help.

5.  When I see a person or animal suffering, for example, a woman getting raped in an alley or a baby elephant stuck in a well, and had the power to intervene without risk of harm to myself, I would do so.  I would not make any excuses about "mysterious ways" to justify my non-action.

6.  I would not create life that must inflict suffering on other life, such as a lion that must brutally kill a gazelle, in order to survive.

7.  I would not order or allow genocide.

8.  I would never require anybody to sacrifice an animal for me.  I do not get off on blood.

9.  I would not order people executed for disobedience or other minor "crimes".

10.  I would not create children with birth defects or learning disabilities.  I'd start everyone off with a level playing field.

11.  I would not abort babies from inside women who want them.

12.  I would not condone or allow war and suffering in my name.

13.  I would not create disease and viruses that horribly and painfully affect people and animals, then watch them suffer.

If I did any of the above things, most people would consider me to be quite an evil bastard.  Many would even call for my torture and execution.  So why would you worship and call "all-good" a being which you believe has done these things?  In addition, why would you allow it to define what "good" is?

To the readers, feel free to add a comment to tell me how you are morally superior to Yahweh, or whatever the majority deity is in your part of the world.


Jim said...

I wouldn't create violent weather that destroys people's homes. Or people, for that matter.

I wouldn't allow slavery to occur.

I wouldn't allow sexual abuse to occur in any way shape or form. Especially from priests that are "in my service".

I wouldn't allow diseases to exist.

I wouldn't allow overpopulation.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't withhold evidence of my existence, and then throw living, feeling beings into the trash when the lack of evidence fails to convince them of my existence.

ANTZILLA said...

I wouldn't force a rape vicim to marry her attacker.

MaxFF said...

You and the commentors got most of them already. Okay, I would never force people to pay money to a lazy corrupt priesthood in order to be saved.

Magnamune said...

I wouldn't ask someone to sacrifice their child to me, simply to see if they would do it.

Jim said...

I wouldn't kill over 2 million people (as per the Bible) and then try to call the guy who killed only 10 the evil to my good.

Chris Griglack said...

That whole thing with Job? I wouldn't do any of that.

Anonymous said...

If I were a god, I would exist in the first place :).
Then I wouldn't allow all of that bullcrap to happen.

HadEnoughToo said...

I was just watching a nature special watching predators in Africa tear each other apart piece by piece. And I just go to thinking, what kind of compassionate God would allow this horror show? I'm not Mr Sensitive by any means.

But still, I googled "what kind of a God would" and came across this excellent essay. One thing I really liked was how you wrong that if you were a God you would set everyone at a level playing field without learning disabilities or defect.

Now I'm no softie who is into forcing equal outcomes for inferior people or anything. On the other hand, I've known people who were so close to being a normie yet just far away enough to where they just inadvertently gave up on life and started killing themselves with drugs just to cope with the disappointment of life.

Anyway, not to be a downer. I used to believe everything might happen for a reason.

Anyway, I find it a grave injustice that someone who throws the bus their whole damn lives can get admission to the pearly gates of heaven. Just by saying a few confessions allegedly. I knew of one person, scum of the Earth, thief and liar, tell me that I was "going to hell." All because I politely disagreed with then.

While on the other hand, a fair and firm and kind person like myself is allegedly gonna burn in flames for ever because I went agnostic decades ago.

I'm a BIG BOY at 42 and accept that life is unfair and am alright with that. As the saying goes,'"life's sh!t sandwich and everyone has to take a bite." Please tell it's not gonna be that way in the afterlife too! Of course I am agnostic.

Anyway, thank you very much for your blog entry.