Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Christian wants national register of atheists

A story is doing the rounds of the atheist blogs today about an American guy who calls himself Pastor Mike, who is advocating that Christians make a national registry of known atheists.  Each entry on the list would include name, location, place of business and maybe a photo.  The reasoning used is that sex-offenders are registered, so why not atheists?  He also doesn't see why anybody, including atheists themselves, would oppose such a list, unless they're ashamed of their atheism, which he calls a religion.

I'm not sure if it's a joke or not, but I checked out some other posts on the blog and it seems like the guy is legit.  I tried to make a comment about also registering Jews because they aren't saved by Jesus, but like many Christians, he does not allow comments from anybody who is not a member of the blog.  That keeps the dissent out and the Jesus in.

You can used to be able to read the original post here.


Tracie over at The Atheist Experience has published Pastor Mike's email address and an idea that we send him emails encouraging the idea.  Check her blog post here.  She notes that the good pastor has now made his blog private, so we can no longer even read it, like many good Christians would do in the face of a response from us.  His email address is pastorstahl@aol.com and my letter to him is below.

Dear Pastor Mike,

I am thrilled to hear that you have decided on a plan to register atheists nationally and (hopefully) internationally. As you are a Christian you may not be aware of this, but it can be very difficult for atheists to meet each other for a meaningful relationship away from the Christian god. Many atheists find it nearly impossible to date a religious person for any more than a casual few times in bed, because their beliefs just make it impossible to agree on long-term things, such as the way to raise a child, or even where and under what conditions to have a wedding.

So I have a suggestion. Can you add marital status and some full-body photos to your registry? Maybe a mechanism for sending winks to the godless goddesses? People could also indicate whether they're looking for godless marriage (gay or straight), some no-strings-attached sex, or for a person to join them and their existing partner in a 3-way. This would be a great help to the atheist community, and we'd appreciate it greatly.

Keep up the good work, Pastor!



Gordon said...

"Why would they object unless they are ashamed?" he asks after haven explictly stated the list would be used to boycott their businesses and to target them for evangelising.

Why indeed!

And then there's the open comparison to sex offenders (the ones who are not priests or ministers presumably)

Admin said...

I have added an update to this post.

Anonymous said...

Adding to the ridiculousness... why is there a need for a register?surely his super powered god knows where I live and how I look like...

Besides, why is it more important to list the atheists rather than the satanists? Is it because satanists ultimately accept the existence of the Pastor's imaginary friend?

Will red hot irons be proposed next?