Sunday, August 28, 2011

Credit goes to gods, blame goes to people

I am unmarried, but have been in a committed relationship with the same person for over six years.  People often ask us when we're getting married.  I reply that we're not planning to, because we don't believe the institution has any value or purpose for us.  The reply I received to this answer a few nights ago was that I was called "a pussy" who was using "excuses" to avoid "commitment".  When I asked if my 6-year relationship with my partner was more committed than a couple who got married for a year then split, I was told that the marriage is more committed, no matter how long it lasts or how the people in it behave.  While these strange comments came from only one person, I was at a table talking to 4 people, each has been divorced at least once.  Only one is currently married, on his second.  Another was preparing for his third.

Anyway, that's besides the point.  My interest in the topic brought me to this article on CNN's website.  In the article, the author argues that marriage has been so tarnished by our failure at it, that not only should we discourage gay marriage, but straight marriage also.

But this is not a blog about gay rights or marriage, so let's get to the fricking point already.  I found this in the article's comment section:

If you people can't make a marriage work,thats your own fault.You have to work for anything worth having.Last week end ,my wife of 52 years and I were sitting on the beach just watching the people and their kids when a lady we had never met came up to us and asked"how long have you two been in love?"Who do we give the credit to?GOD ALMIGHTY

Isn't that great?  This person's god can never lose.  If your marriage works, it's all credit to his god.  If it fails, then all blame goes to the people involved.  Credit goes up, blame goes down, and never a reversal.  This guy can't even give himself any credit for his own successful marriage, but he has no problem directing blame at others who can't make theirs work.  YOU have to work for it, but I got mine granted to me.  If he truly believes that his god controls the outcome of marriages, then the commenter would have to decide whether his god failed to act to make other people's marriages work, or if it actively sabotaged them.  He would have to decide whether his own marriage would have failed, making it his own fault, had he not received supernatural intervention, which would make him equal to the people he is criticising.  This kind of idiocy is the damage religion does to your brain.


tina FCD said...

I agree. :)

Magnamune said...

This sort of thing happens with everything. Marriage works? 1up god. People survive a flood? 1up god. House falls down? Crummy builders. Person dies in hospital? Crummy doctors. Sometimes I feel I'll when I hear it.

Lauren Chesis said...

I really appreciate this post. This is one thing that has always frustrated me to no end about religious people.