Saturday, August 20, 2011

Goats on fire no more!

I have just received some excellent news.  Anybody who frequently reads atheist blogs will probably be familiar with a guy who goes by the alias of David Mabus.  His real name is Dennis Markuze, from Montreal, Canada.  He has spent years posting incoherent Christian ramblings to atheist and scientific blogs, including a couple of times at this one (which I think I deleted promptly), with his most famous line being, "Goats on fire!"  He is also fond of making death threats to his targets.  It seems that he recently took another step forward by advancing from threatening people from behind his keyboard, to actually showing up at an atheist convention and making a gun gesture with his hand (click this link for photo).

I'd bet that anybody who has ever read his messages felt he was mentally ill and needed help and/or a date in court.  It now seems he will get both.  He faces numerous criminal charges and a 30-day psychiatric examination.

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Magnamune said...

This is good news, although I always delighted in seeing his ravings. They were hilarious and a good way to see how to handle people like it in real life. That being said I wouldn't be disappointed if I never saw another one in my life.