Friday, September 2, 2011

Guest Post #1 - Omni-incompetence, by Tate

A while back I tried an experiment with guest posts.  I had a guy who claimed to be an atheist living in a Muslim country express interest in writing some posts, and I thought it would be a good idea to get that perspective.  It fell apart when, after writing just one post, he asked me for money.  Not just money, but BIG money.  It was equivalent to about half of my annual salary from my job (this site makes exactly zero per year, minus the domain cost).  So I told him to "fuck off" (in those words exactly) and took down his post.

Now I'm ready to try again.  A reader who we're going to call 'Tate' has written a post.  Note that Tate was not invited by me to do this, but took it upon himself to write to me and expressed an interest.  If you'd like to write some posts for this site, feel free to contact me.

Also note that I will post these guest posts without editing, and while I probably agree with the opinions in them, it is not necessarily so.  If you wish to engage the author in conversation, please do it in the comments section, not by contacting me directly.

Now, I'll turn it over to Tate.

The Christian God is supposedly the epitome of all that is intelligent and good in the universe. He is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, (which I'm not even going to touch upon for now because that one itself is such a complex assertion) and above all, all-good. I've always found it fascinating that Christians can attribute all things good to God, and all things bad to the Devil, and that they can do this all day every day without realizing that God created the endless source of evil they call the Devil. Being creations of God, all good things humans do are attributed to him, but since we are vile, tainted creatures, all bad things are the Devil's doing. But wait a minute! Lucifer was an angel, one of those creatures that God created prior to man for purposes no logic can fathom. Whatever terrible things the Devil has or probably has not done, God is ultimately to blame for His shortsightedness and general incompetence in creating the bastard in the first place.

Assuming that God is all-knowing and all-powerful, He would have known from the very beginning of the Universe that Lucifer would turn against Him. The very moment He was sitting in Heaven and thinking to Himself “I'm going to create a retinue of angels to carry out my work, even though being all-knowing and all-powerful I can manage my own affairs effortlessly, no matter how infinitely complex they become,” from the moment that thought occurred to Him, He should have known all possible outcomes and consequences. He would have known that creating Lucifer would lead to the corruption of mankind, causing Him to eventually send the flood, and later His only son to attempt to “redeem” us. Any God who actually cares about His creations might have examined those consequences using His infinite foresight, and decided that maybe that one angel, Lucifer, could be made just a little bit better, or maybe not made at all. But we all know what happened, God made Lucifer, who became the Devil, who continues to plague us all to this very day. But it's OK, He has some divine plan that no human can possibly comprehend, but which will make the whole thing work out better than if no evil had been created in the first place. Somehow.

Of course, there is an alternative; God really is all-good, but just not all-knowing and all-powerful. Maybe He's just some well-meaning guy who ended up with a job He really can't handle. I'm not sure who I would pray to if I had to chose, the benevolent but incompetent God, or the all-powerful God who just doesn't give a shit about humans. Fortunately there is a third option: simply reserve your prayers until you find a deity that actually deserves them, then thank him that there are so many to chose from.


ANTZILLA said...

Good luck finding a Creationist to explain this.

I've found it also evidence of god knowing the 'fall' would happen; is carnovores. Suposively all animals were all nice like untill some bastard woman ate an apple. Then all of the sudden there 'perfect' design is able to be used ie. killing.

Kevin said...

I wonder when and where this image of the all-knowing, all-powerful god came about. It is definitely not supported by the bible. And yes it would be quite hilarious to witness the mental gymnastics a christian would have to make to defend that image of god.

Chris Griglack said...

I'm not sure where exactly the idea came from, but it's one held by the 3 Abrahamic religions, though Muslims generally get argued down to "God made it, therefore it is good, end of story." Jews seem to have a general "Keep the faith and it'll all work out" mentality about evil. Christians just never really bother to think about it though. They're happy with the illusion that each one of them is important enough for God and the Devil to have some grand battle for their souls.