Friday, October 21, 2011

Return of Jesus Returns - The Sequel

October 21st is the new date predicted for the return of Jesus by a crackpot Christian radio tycoon in the United States.  He first predicted the end would be many years ago, and was wrong.  He then claimed he made a mathematical error and that the real return of Jesus would be on May 21st of this year.  When that date passed and nothing happened, he claimed it was merely a "spiritual" judgement day, and that the real end would be on October 21st, 2011.  The self-proclaimed "true Christians" are jumping all over him, saying that their scripture says people can't predict the end, and calling on him to stop.

That's right.  A true Christian would never make a prediction that can be proven false, even if it is false.  And if they do slip up and make such a prediction, standard operating procedure is to not attach a date to it.  Predictions proven false would be embarrassing, so they seem content to have the fundamentals of their faith indistinguishable from the case in which their faith is completely incorrect.  These people are morons!

Will the "true Christians" please complete the following sentence.  For the sake of argument, imagine that you will live a very long time and could see any date you choose:

"If Jesus does not return by (insert time here), I'll have to admit that he's not coming at all and that Christianity is not true."

Saturday, October 8, 2011

You don't know, so don't laugh at the religious!

This is a special thread for a reader who goes by the handle, 'GM'.  Over the last couple of weeks, he/she (we'll be using 'he' until I know otherwise) has come to this blog and made several off-topic posts in threads, so I thought I'd make one just for him so that his posts at least won't be off-topic anymore.  The focus of his argument seems to be along the lines of, "You don't know how X, so you shouldn't laugh at the religious for making god-claim Y".

Well GM, here's the thing.  I AM going to laugh at the religious.  It is an argument from ignorance to assume that because we don't know something conclusively, that any dumbass supernatural explanation should not be ridiculed or should be given consideration.  If you don't know how your pencil got into the other room, that is not a licence to claim aliens did it.  The evidence in no way points to the supernatural, and all evidence we have for EVERYTHING and everything that has ever been proven, has turned out to be natural in the end.  The world has dealt with supernatural claims for who knows how many thousands of years, they have had billions of supporters throughout history, and not one of these billions of people has even managed to demonstrate that there is such a thing as the supernatural!  500 years ago you'd be telling me that we don't know how lightning is caused, therefore a god claim could be valid and I shouldn't laugh.  Disease used to be supernatural too, until somebody came along with evidence.

How does science work?  It takes careful consideration of the available evidence to make the best conclusion we can at the time.  Sure it's wrong sometimes, which we discover when new evidence becomes available.  Do you not see the difference between this method and the religious one?  I'm sticking with the scientific method, as it is the best way we have ever come up with to determine what the truth is.  I'll put science's track record of success up against religion's any day of the week.  Religion has ZERO track record of ever demonstrating any of its core claims to be true.  Science, through consideration of the evidence and adjustment when needed, has produced damn near everything we have in the world that has made our lives better.  If you know a better method than science to determine truth, we'd love to hear about it.

So no, I will not stop laughing at the religious with their woo claims.  Until they produce a shred of evidence, their explanations are off of the table.  Once they have proven that the supernatural is even real, which I stress again never seems to happen for some reason, then their future claims will have to be given some consideration.  But for now, religion has a track record of ZERO.  If you keep trying things one way and keep failing, repeatedly, without any successes EVER, you have to abandon that method for something that at least works some of the time.  In fact, even if science had worked only once in history, it would still be more reliable than religion.

My first question I have for you, which you can answer in the comments, is what exactly is your religious persuasion, or lack of?  My second question is, have you ever been to a Christian website and told them to stop telling atheists that they're going to hell, because they (Christians) don't know for sure?