Friday, October 21, 2011

Return of Jesus Returns - The Sequel

October 21st is the new date predicted for the return of Jesus by a crackpot Christian radio tycoon in the United States.  He first predicted the end would be many years ago, and was wrong.  He then claimed he made a mathematical error and that the real return of Jesus would be on May 21st of this year.  When that date passed and nothing happened, he claimed it was merely a "spiritual" judgement day, and that the real end would be on October 21st, 2011.  The self-proclaimed "true Christians" are jumping all over him, saying that their scripture says people can't predict the end, and calling on him to stop.

That's right.  A true Christian would never make a prediction that can be proven false, even if it is false.  And if they do slip up and make such a prediction, standard operating procedure is to not attach a date to it.  Predictions proven false would be embarrassing, so they seem content to have the fundamentals of their faith indistinguishable from the case in which their faith is completely incorrect.  These people are morons!

Will the "true Christians" please complete the following sentence.  For the sake of argument, imagine that you will live a very long time and could see any date you choose:

"If Jesus does not return by (insert time here), I'll have to admit that he's not coming at all and that Christianity is not true."

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