Monday, February 27, 2012

A Better Life book needs your support

I've just been made aware of a worthwhile project that could use some support from you.  Are you familiar with Kickstarter?  It's a website that allows individuals to seek funding for projects that they'd like to work on.  An award-winning photographer and filmmaker in New York, Chris Johnson, is behind the project.  He intends for the book to be a coffee table photo book about atheists, some known and some unknown, and what gives meaning and happiness to their lives.

The list of already confirmed personalities for the book is impressive, and is still growing.  Check it out:

  • Derren Brown, illusionist/mentalist
  • PZ Myers, evolutionary biologist/blogger
  • Dr. Daniel Dennett, philosopher/cognitive scientist
  • Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss, theoretical physicist/author
  • Matt Dillahunty, host of The Atheist Experience
  • Dr. Michael Shermer, founder of Skeptic Magazine/author
  • Rebecca Watson, blogger/speaker
  • Matthew Chapman, film director/writer
  • Julia Sweeney, comedian
  • Dr. Steven Novella, neurologist
  • Greta Christina, blogger/speaker
  • Chris Mooney, host of Point of Inquiry/author
  • Dr. Patricia Churchland, neurophilosopher
  • Dr. Carolyn Porco, planetary scientist
  • D.J. Grothe, president, JREF
  • Beth Presswood & Lynnea Glasser, Godless Bitches podcast
  • David Silverman, president, American Atheists
  • Dr. Steven Pinker, cognitive scientist/author
  • Hemant Mehta, blogger
  • Brian Dunning, host, Skeptoid podcast
  • Jessica Ahlquist, First Amendment hero
  • Roy Speckhardtexecutive director, American Humanist Association
The project goal is $95,000.  The way Kickstarter works, if the pledged funding does not reach that level, then all donations are cancelled and you will never be charged.  The project is only funded if the goal is reached.

Donations come with benefits, also.  US$25 gets you a PDF copy of the book.  $50 gets you a hardcover copy and the PDF.  $100 gets your name mentioned in the book as a supporter, plus the hardcover copy, plus the PDF copy.  And so on.  A donation of $2,500 gets you or a person you nominate featured in the book yourself (assuming you're an atheist and not a religious person who is backing the book for some reason).

Click here to visit the website and make your donation!

Chris has also embedded a video on the site that makes it amply clear why such a project is necessary.  This is just terrible:

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