Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our child is too young to think!

In a case just ruled on by the Supreme Court in Canada, students in one province do not have the right to opt-out of a mandatory course in ethics and world religions.  My understanding is that the course does not push one religion over another, but is meant to introduce the children to the world's major faiths.  I strongly believe this is a valid social science.  Religion is such a major force behind politics and relations between people and countries, that we would be doing a disservice to students to ignore it completely in their education.  Understanding the various religions should increase understanding of current events and the world around us.  If you've been reading my site for a while, you might even recall that my own de-conversion from Roman Catholicism was finalised by a mandatory course in world religions at my high school.  See here for that post.

Anyway, the parents of some students didn't like the course, and wanted their children to be opted-out.  It managed to make it to the Supreme Court, and the court ruled that all students must take it.  You can read the full article here, but some excerpts are below, including one gem of a comment from one of the parents.  The article quotes are in blue, my comments are in black.

"The Drummondville, Que. couple in the case believe the course curriculum interferes with their ability to pass on their faith to their children, and violates their freedom of religion."

That's right, because your rights to freedom of religion include never having to hear about any other religion, correct.

"Parents Morse-Chevrier works with will start gathering evidence that the course harms their children, in the hopes they can pursue legal action again at a future time, he said."

Yes, the harm that learning about the world does!  Won't somebody please think of the children?!

"My son is in fourth grade and he already asks questions about his own religion and I find it sad that it's happening at such a young age,"

You stupid fucking bitch!  How dare you tell your son when he can start to think for himself and to ask questions!  So you're upset that your little fucking experiment in controlling your son's mind is not working?  You're upset that he has shown an ability to think, to ask questions about something he doesn't understand?  You want him to just accept it on faith from the pastor/rabbi/imam/shaman/whatever, like you did?  What are you going to do now that you've lost in the Supreme Court, punish him for thinking?  Are you going to try to deny him knowledge of the world around him?  You are a terrible, terrible parent!  And evidently your religion is so flimsy and weak that it cannot even stand up to the scrutiny of a 10 year old!  If it could, you'd have no problem answering the questions to show him how it is correct!  Only religious people consider thinking to be harmful.

"She and her supporters say the course trivializes faith by treating students to a religious buffet."

Note that this comment is from the same person who made the previous monstrous one.  Right.  One way faith remains strong is for the people who practice it to remain ignorant about their other options, to deny that there are in fact any other options.  You are trying to deny those options to your child!  This is not a trivialising of your faith, it's education about the world for your son, bitch!

In short, these parents suck.

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ANTZILLA said...

"My son is in fourth grade and he already asks questions about his own religion and I find it sad that it's happening at such a young age,"

Sounds like a SouthPark episode...

I'm sick of hearing, "Atheists don't believe in anything because your not openminded enough"

..."Now should the fuck up with all the questions and pray"