Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why we need evidence

I realised that I missed a perfect opportunity with my last post to write about why we require evidence.  What we've got in the previous story is a rival set of fundies, including the prominent and evil monster Pat Robertson, yelling at each other about how and why their god caused the tornadoes and why people died.

Let's assume for a moment that we accept that their god exists.  On one side, we've got a fundie yelling that it was for reason A.  On the other side we've got another fundie yelling that it was for reason B.  How can we determine who is correct about this particular situation? How can an objective observer decide which side, if any, is correct?  This is where something called evidence comes into play.

Religious people are afraid of this word and do not like to provide evidence.  In fact, they've even gone as far as to build into their creeds that to believe without evidence is a virtue, and that to do so will gain you great reward.  But this is how objective, intelligent people settle issues about reality.  Religious people have not yet reached this level of intellectual maturity.  They are no more mature intellectually than a couple of elementary school kids yelling "You're a doodie-head!  No I'm not, you are!" at each other.

So, who has the evidence to back up their claim?  I'm waiting.....


Jim said...

I think we should include the caveat that all evidence must be real evidence. Evidence that can be seen, felt, heard, or witnessed in some real way that is scientifically measurable.

My wife's aunt likes to point to childbirth as proof of the "miracles" god produces. This is not evidence of god, only evidence of evolution and natural selection. So religious folks can't claim something that is scientifically explainable either. Bill O'Reilly tried to use the tides as proof of god. Let's get real here.

David said...

Reminds me of Wendy Wright showing Richard Dawkins proof that god exists: "That girl with no brain function being kept alive by machines has a soul! That's how I know that god is real!"