Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Idiots, all of them!

Read about these idiots, including the monstrous Pat Robertson, arguing about tornadoes in Georgia, USA:

Residents of west Georgia are still trying to pick up the pieces of their lives after tornadoes ripped threw their homes late Friday night. Many of them say it’s a miracle that the damage and injuries weren’t more extensive.
When asked why God allows tornadoes to do people harm, the 700 Club host responded, “God didn’t send tornadoes. God set up a world where certain currents interact with other currents.”

"If enough people were praying, He would intervene,” Robertson said. “You could still storms, Jesus could still storms."

Some victims don’t see it that way. In fact, many residents say it was divine intervention that helped them get through a tough time.

“Personally, I thank God that I’m alive and that the damage wasn’t greater,” said resident David Wilson. “I think that my neighbors are safe and not harmed in any way, although they’ve lost quite a bit of property. But this weather, I can’t say this is God’s fault.” 

Fucking idiots!  "Yahweh sent the tornadoes!"  "No it didn't, it just didn't stop them!"  "If you prayed more, it would have stopped!"  "It's our prayers that lessened the damage!"  So Yahweh chooses the most faithful part of the country to pick on because they're not praying enough?  What a douchebag!  Which one?  Both of them!  Yahweh AND Robertson!

When Pat Robertson kicks the bucket, I'm going to write a really nasty post explaining exactly why Yahweh has smoten him.

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Jim said...

I've been having a rough week with religious people in my family. They apparently don't like that I call their religion (generalized Christianity) a mythology. Even though that is exactly what it is. The whole thing started because some commentator called the dead people "Bible-thumpers" or something. While I agreed that speaking ill of the dead is in general bad-taste, I could not get behind any of their hate for talking bad about the "faithful who died". I tried the normal routes of arguments:

Q:"If they were so faithful, why did their god kill them?"
A:"It was their time."

Q:"Why did god destroy so much just to kill them? Surely he could have gone about it in a much easier way?"
A:"God wants us to know he loves us because he let people survive and he made the storms stop."

You have to be pretty fucking stupid to buy into this shit. God kills some people, but his love is in the ones that survived. What was he showing us with the people he killed? That they were so special that they became martyrs to the cause?

Although, I will give that crazy old racist Pat Robertson some credit. His claims are very unfalsifiable.

Tornadoes happened because no one prays enough. People start praying. No tornadoes? Everyone prayed. Tornadoes? Still not praying enough! You literally cannot loose that argument.

Because it is a bullshit argument.

ANTZILLA said...

HAHAHAHAH fucking idiots...

I'm a member of the 'climate change warmist cultist'

Our cult prays to the God 'CO2'
His power is to increase the energy in the climate cycles.

Last meeting of the Warmist Cultist (under the big tree, on the full moon) we prayed for more extreme tornados...

Our God, has shown his power!

'GHG of Gaps'!