Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm not a psycho!

Two days ago at work, a person who is subordinate to me, flatly and to my face, refused to follow a fairly simple directive that I gave.

What I did:

I screamed at him in front of everybody, pulled him aside and told him that he can follow my orders or he can leave.  We had a long chat afterwards, in which I made my position clear, and shook hands at the end.

What I didn't do:

Create pain and suffering for everybody at work and their descendants, including the pets, send them off somewhere to be tortured, flood the workplace to kill everybody inside, and use the excuse, "It's a fallen workplace."  This is the way the fictional character Yahweh handled it, according to the story.  Do you know why I didn't do that?  Because I'm not a fucking psycho!

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Unknown said...

God is simply a man made concept.Its easier to control humans when they believe some "All great" and "All Powerful" entity that is just in whatever he does.
Short Intro:
I am an Atheist and I was a muslim until recently and now upon turning 19 am an atheist and nobody in my family(they are strict believers) knows about that.

The system of religion simply works to the advantage of elite class of the world.
People are made to believe from birth that There is a god(All power full and shit).
Following beliefs make humans vulnerable to believe in this mysterious Hoax(i.e GOD)

1:There is God who makes sure that you receive justice either living or dead("Judgement day").
2:Fear of punishment.(Even some agnostics and atheist convert to religion thinking that "what if there is a god in reality so why take a chance. Basically these are the people with fragile intellectual abilities.
3:The Morality Trap.