Monday, October 29, 2012

Vote for Jesus!

This is not a political website, but it seems that American Christians have put forward Jesus as their candidate for president, because both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are working for Satan.  This website is taking pledges for people to write-in Jesus as their candidate this November.  It has over 1.5 million pledges at the time of writing this post, but there's no way to tell how many of those are jokes, ineligible voters, non-Americans, etc.

If Jesus were to win the presidential election, it would mean a few things:

1.  The birther movement would become very confused and conflicted.
2.  The USA would join such illustrious nations as North Korea, which have a dead person as their leader.

Thanks to the good people at Ask An Atheist for bringing this to my attention through their weekly podcast.

Only 8 weeks left!

So I've already started the countdown to my next vacation.  I'll be leaving in roughly 8 weeks.  I'm heading to the tropics for some scuba diving, which makes me really happy and I'm super-excited about it.  It got me wondering how many Christians are excited about going to Heaven.  Do they get excited when they think about dying, which is their trip to Heaven?  When they're told they're dying, do they excitedly count down the weeks like I do for my vacation?  If they're not told they're dying, do they happily consider each birthday to be one year closer to their trip to paradise?  These reactions seem to be fairly uncommon, based on what I've seen in my life so far, so one has to wonder if these people really believe in the paradise of afterlife or not.  What could be better than a trip to eternal paradise?  Shouldn't they be looking forward to it and just waiting until they can get the hell (poor choice of word?) out of here?  I actually believe I'm going on my vacation, so I can be excited.  Why aren't the Christians excited to die?  Could it be because they're about as sincere in their belief as parents are when they tell their children that the dog went to Doggie Heaven?