Thursday, December 13, 2012

What would you say?

Atheists often hear the question from Christians, "What would you say to (their) god if/when you died and found yourself standing before him (it)?"  The next time you hear this question, agree to answer it if the Christian will then answer some of yours.  After you get an agreement, give whatever answer it is you want to give to the Christian question.  Here are some of the questions I suggest you then ask.  "What would you do if you died and discovered there was no supernatural and no afterlife?  If you could come back and talk to the living, what would you say?  Would you apologise for threatening them with Hell?  Would you apologise for holding back humanity by trying to convince us of your imaginary friend instead of reality?  Would you apologise for attempting to oppress the rights of those whose lifestyles don't match yours? Would you apologise for being a gullible fool and a moron?  Would you apologise for attempting to legislate your imaginary beliefs on others?  Would you apologise for brainwashing small children?"  And so on.


ANTZILLA said...

lol, your funny Admin.
Christians answering questions? yeah right.

JackSainthill said...

The stated scenario is illogical because it tacitly assumes the existence of an after-life in order to argue that there is none.

Best wishes and do keep up the good work - the occasional miss-shot is forgivable!

Admin said...

Jack, I am well aware of that. It doesn't make sense. It's not the point, however. And I am not arguing "that there is none". This post is about what a Christian might say if confronted with a devastating truth about their fantasies, as a rebuttal to a commonly-heard question directed at atheists.