Thursday, May 9, 2013

One of the sickest things I've ever heard said by the religious

I had to write this post immediately, because I just saw a news report that blew me away.  It is one of the sickest and most twisted things I've ever heard from the religious side, that demonstrates just how disconnected these people's thought processes are from reality and rationality, and how broken their moral compass is.

We're all amazed by the news out of Cleveland, USA, in the last few days.  If you're living under a rock and haven't heard, 3 young girls were kidnapped 10 years ago and were never heard from again.....  until days ago.  The 3 girls, now young women, escaped from a neighbour's house, where they had been locked up and suffered years of abuse and rape.  There's at least one young child who was born into captivity in the house, as a result of rape, who had never known the world outside.

So when these women and child achieved their freedom, what does the religious family member say?  He said (paraphrased), "I thank (his) god for this.  (His) god is good!"  And a cheer erupted from the crowd of onlookers.

How mother-fucking twisted do you have to be to utter this, or to support it?  You're suggesting that a god, who had the power to stop this all from happening but didn't, deserves our praise for finally deciding to end it?  That a god that either caused it or sat idly by while it happened, then either had a change of heart or got bored enough to allow it to stop, is good and deserves cheers?  What the fuck is wrong with you people, honestly?!  How twisted and sick are you?!  Are you entirely broken mentally?!  Do you have no moral compass at all?!

Do you know what *I* would do if I was in the position you propose your god is in?  I'd have never let it happen in the first place!  I'd have struck this monster down as soon as he decided to do it!  There would have been no kidnapping, no captivity, no beatings and no rape!  You believe your god allowed 10 years of it, and then you praise it when the ordeal is over!  If the monster who did it had stopped after 10 years, would you have called him good?  What is the difference in morality between the person who did it and the entity you believe had the power to prevent it or stop it at any time and did not do so?

You people make me sick!  Fuck you all!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Jesus Never Said Anything About Homosexuality!

So the issue of gay marriage is in the news again, with headlines from the United States and New Zealand.  The comments are inevitably erupting into theological debates based on the Bible.  One of the most common things I see being argued is this notion of, "Jesus never said anything about homosexuality!"

Let's for a moment assume that it isn't totally ridiculous to argue modern law based on the fairy tale book.  And let's also assume that the character of Jesus is at the very least based on a real historical person.  Now, why do people think that every word ever uttered by this person is written in the Bible?  How many words did he say in his lifetime?  Just what's written in that book?  He didn't talk much then, did he?  Did he never ask, "Sir, how much is a shave?"  Did he never say, "Excuse me miss, I didn't notice I had stepped on your foot"?  Did he never say, "Man, I've really gotta take a leak!"  Was he like Silent Bob or something?

So the question now is, how do you know that Jesus didn't ever say, "I fucking hate those fags!  Burn 'em all and let dad sort them out!" Or that he didn't say, "I love queers.  No, you don't understand.  I mean, I really LOVE queers! *wink* *wink*"

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.  If this person really existed, his opinion on homosexuals is an unknown.  So shut the fuck up about it, please!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Pope of little faith

So I'm seeing a lot of news stories regarding the resignation of the Pope, the single most powerful person in modern Christianity.  The reason cited seems to be a lack of strength to continue doing what is probably a pretty busy job, though I wouldn't be at all surprised if a major scandal is brewing and he is getting out before it goes public.  A lot of questions are being asked, such as what he should be called in his retirement.  However there is one question that I haven't seen asked, that I'd like to pose here. 

Why doesn't he have enough faith in his god to trust that it will give him the strength to continue?

The Bible and Christian lore are full of stories about how Yahweh will give strength.  Stories such as the footprints on the beach, in which Jesus carries a Christian during the toughest times of his life, are well known.  If I recall correctly, the Bible contains verses about Yahweh giving strength, including a passage about how if people have faith the size of a mustard seed (a very small seed), they can move mountains.  We are surrounded weekly with stories from athletes and survivors of adversity about how Yahweh gave them the strength to win and survive.

So where is Pope Benedict's faith?  Why doesn't he trust that his god will give him the strength needed to continue his job, as the supposed most important Christian on Earth?  Why doesn't he continue until the day he drops dead, always with the belief that, at any moment, Yahweh will provide the extra boost he needs to finish?  Why is he just giving up?  Why does he apparently believe the strength is not coming? Has he not prayed?  No, surely he has prayed.  Why is his prayer not being answered?  Is his work not supposed to be extremely important to Yahweh?

First there was the bulletproof Popemobile and now this.  Am I the only one who gets the feeling that the Pope is a faith-fraud?