Friday, February 15, 2013

Pope of little faith

So I'm seeing a lot of news stories regarding the resignation of the Pope, the single most powerful person in modern Christianity.  The reason cited seems to be a lack of strength to continue doing what is probably a pretty busy job, though I wouldn't be at all surprised if a major scandal is brewing and he is getting out before it goes public.  A lot of questions are being asked, such as what he should be called in his retirement.  However there is one question that I haven't seen asked, that I'd like to pose here. 

Why doesn't he have enough faith in his god to trust that it will give him the strength to continue?

The Bible and Christian lore are full of stories about how Yahweh will give strength.  Stories such as the footprints on the beach, in which Jesus carries a Christian during the toughest times of his life, are well known.  If I recall correctly, the Bible contains verses about Yahweh giving strength, including a passage about how if people have faith the size of a mustard seed (a very small seed), they can move mountains.  We are surrounded weekly with stories from athletes and survivors of adversity about how Yahweh gave them the strength to win and survive.

So where is Pope Benedict's faith?  Why doesn't he trust that his god will give him the strength needed to continue his job, as the supposed most important Christian on Earth?  Why doesn't he continue until the day he drops dead, always with the belief that, at any moment, Yahweh will provide the extra boost he needs to finish?  Why is he just giving up?  Why does he apparently believe the strength is not coming? Has he not prayed?  No, surely he has prayed.  Why is his prayer not being answered?  Is his work not supposed to be extremely important to Yahweh?

First there was the bulletproof Popemobile and now this.  Am I the only one who gets the feeling that the Pope is a faith-fraud?


Jim said...

I agree. I'm pretty sure this is all being done to cover up something big. I mean, bigger than him being a Hitler Youth, and several times (in letters made public) telling Catholics to cover for the pedophiles the Catholic Church actively employs.

My big question, along the lines of yours, Admin, is this:

Every single Pope since 1415 died in office. It is part of the job. It's for life. How is this old bastard's health any worse than those who held the office before him who died in office? How bad is the health of the FUCKING POPE that serving an invisible man is too hard? Kids have invisible friends and they talk to them all the damn time. How hard is it to do? Honestly?

Unless he's leaving because his memory is so bad that he forgot why he was worshiping something that has never ever had any proof of existing in the first place? That's probably it.

Admin said...

Jim, perhaps he became an atheist?

Jim said...

Wouldn't that be awesome?

Anonymous said...

i love your article - my big question is exactly when does the pope become fallible again?

when he became pope he is considered infallible, but once he retires, he must be fallible again - but when? after his two weeks are up?

Admin said...

That's an interesting question, for sure.

Jim said...

Well, turns out it was a gay sex scandal that sealed the deal. Who would have thunk it?

Anonymous said...

The question I wanted to answer most is:

the pope is considered infallible while he is pope, but when does he become fallible again? after his two weeks are up? immediately after he says he's retiring?

Anonymous said...

I think even as pope he isn't constantly infallible. He calls upon papal infallibility every so often. So he stops having that ability the moment he stops being pope.

I could be wrong, as I've not looked too deeply, but it would make sense. Which means I am probably wrong.

JackSainthill said...

The Pope's infallibility is different from everyone else's. To be infallible the Pope needs to be speaking ex cathedra - i.e. 'from the seat' [of authority] - in the exercise of his office. It is clearly defined as a power that needs to be invoked and carried out in a very specific way. It refers to the office of the Papacy, not its incumbant as a person. By definition the Pope Emeritus will be unable to do this because he no longer has office.

By the way - for a somewhat less academic sounding aside - it might amuse some of us to express the Pope's speaking 'from the seat' in a slightly different way!

Anonymous said...

> I think even as pope he isn't
> constantly infallible. He calls
> upon papal infallibility every so
> often.

i see. so, at what time would someone CHOSE to be fallible, given that they are infallible at will.

Also, how can someone choose to be fallible, when they are capable of infallibility? could not the choice to be infallible be a fallible decision?

ANTZILLA said...

How much 'strength' does the pope need anyway? Lays around all day 'praying',ordering the burning evidences etc...

FMD get a real job ya bludger.

The pope would be the most 'atheist' person alive, as he knows for sure 'it's' is all BS.

[I realise this last comment is fallacious in many ways]